Dale Hood is a Junior Camera Operator/Editor and aspiring Director of Photography, based in Suffolk, surrounded by few opportunities fuelled a drive to work hard and push himself to make a success in film. 

His "career" began in 2011, after meeting BAFTA nominee, John Hales and creating a short animation spoof on a beloved Nursery Rhyme. It wasn't until he moved to Southampton to study film at University, did Dale discover his passion for cinematography. 

Studying a BA in Film Production at Solent University, Dale began to understand what it took to use the creativity he had as a young filmmakers and adapt it to his cinematography work. University led Dale to find a love of short films, discovering the likes of Mat Kirkby (The Phone Call) and Rob Savage (Host). Going onto make his own short film 2 Wrongs and award winning documentary Finding Story

He has experience working with an ARRI Alexa, Red Dragon and a range of Sony cameras. 


Dale's love of reading and artwork which uses naturalistic light, such as Nighthawks by Edward Hopper, helps to influence his research and dig deeper into the underlying meanings of a script and how he can adapt the camera to become a part of the scene naturally.

Dale is keen and excited to collaborate with filmmakers who share a similar passion to him for storytelling, creating images which supports the story and resonates with the audience. The narrative which he likes to focus upon is that which tells real life stories and the quirky elements of life. If you would like to collaborate with Dale do not hesitate to get in contact. 

+44 (0)7722489395


Image by Konrad Rybicki